Q Productions are in search of outstanding local talent to perform in this year’s Croydon Giant of a pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk! We are looking to assemble a fantastically talented J.unior Ensemble

Auditions will take place on Saturday 28th October 2017 at Wallington Girls School, Sutton.. (Full details can be found below in the ‘Juvenile Chorus Auditions’ section.) 

Successful auditionees will get the exciting opportunity to work with a professional director, choreographer and cast.

It is essential that auditionees are talented dancers and performers with strong experience in drama and singing.

It is also important that both children and parents are aware of the commitments involved throughout the whole production process – from the initial audition to rehearsals, all the way through to the show’s run. Please check out the information in the boxes below and sign up today to secure your audition. 

Date: Saturday 28 October 2017
Venue: Wallington Girls School, Sutton
🕙 2pm–3pm:  Open Auditions (Registration open from 1:45pm )
🕙 3.15pm–4.15pm: pre-booked groups and invited dance schools (registration Registration open from 3pm)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time so you have enough time to register. Each audition slot should last no longer than 45 minutes.
It will only be possible to let groups know their end time for the day once registration for that group has been completed and we know how many candidates will be taking part.

Open Auditionees will be required to stay between 45mins and one hour. Parents are required to remain within the building for the entire period.


Jack and the Beanstalk will run at Waddon Leisure Centre from Wednesday 7th December to Saturday 31st December 2016.

Rehearsals will take place in be November and will be held after school and on a number of Sundays and Mondays –. They will join the professional cast from Monday 27 November but rehearsals will still be held after school until the production opens on 7th December. Once the production has opened, each team (two teams in all) will perform twice on alternate days from 7 – 31 December 2017. 

Everyone will be expected to attend all listed rehearsals and performances unless otherwise agreed with the Producer prior to accepting

Successful candidates who are either under 16 years old or still in their GCSE year at school at the time of the production, will need written permission from school for absence during the run of ALADDIN. This is kept to a minimum, but parents should speak to Head Teachers before accepting to ensure that they are willing to allow absence from school.

Each juvenile performer will receive a ticket to see the other team perform on a date to be confirmed.


Juvenile Chorus members will need permission from their school for absences during the production run.

Every effort will be made to keep these absences to a minimum, but it is strongly advised that parents should speak to their child’s Head Teacher ahead of auditioning to ensure they would be willing to allow absence from school should their child be successful.

When the producer applies for licences for the children to perform, a letter will be sent by the Local Authority requesting absence from school.


All members of the Juvenile Chorus under the age of 16 (or who are still studying in Year 11 at the time of the production) require a licence to take part in a public performance.

Successful auditionees will be sent a licence application pack.


We will be asking parents of ALL children under 16 years (or still in their GCSE year at school at the time of the production) taking part in the pantomime to share equally the task of chaperoning the children. PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t feel that you will be able to commit to being at the theatre for a certain number of performances/rehearsals as a chaperone then, unfortunately, your child won’t be able to take part.

If parents are not already Registered Chaperones with the local authority, they will need to register as soon as possible after the audition as the process can take approximately 6 weeks. This will involve completing an application form and possibly attending a short evening training session. A minimum of two chaperones are needed for both rehearsals and performances and are an integral part of the company. Please contact your local authority as soon as possible

Some dance schools will have a Matrons/Chaperones list, but we would strongly encourage that parents or guardians who are able to help put themselves forward.

The role of Chaperone is very important to both rehearsals and the production. They help ensure the welfare of the Juvenile Chorus and get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of bringing a show to life.

As a thank you, each chaperone will be offered two complimentary tickets to see the show.

  • Please enter a value between 8 and 15.
  • PARENTS OF ALL CANDIDATES PLEASE NOTE: There may be publicity photo calls during the audition and these photographs will be displayed in the media. * By signing below you DO NOT object to your child being photographed at the audition *Please delete where necessary The producer, choreographer and a registered chaperone will be working with your child throughout the audition and will accompany them when out of the audition room. However, children under 16 years remain the responsibility of the parents at all times and, therefore, parents may remain in the building during the audition. Parents/guardians of ALL CANDIDATES (even those of children who are over 16) MUST sign this form to confirm that they have read and understood the Audition Notes and are happy for their child to take part in the production should they be successful. By signing this form, parents/guardians of children aged 16 years and under (or still in their GCSE year at school at the time of the production) agree to become a licenced chaperone and take on chaperone responsibilities should their child be successful. By signing this form parents/ guardians of ALL CANDIDATES also agree to Q Productions photographing their child in rehearsals and performances and these photographs (plus child’s name only) being used in the media, on the theatre’s website and on social media sites.